Friday, October 14, 2016

September nail art challenge: By The Sea

Time to finally post my mani for the challenge. Theme was By The Sea and I decided to go nautical. Instead of drawing or stamping anchor I decided to cheat a little and apply a sticker :) I did the rest in white and blue and I love how everything turned out. I like cute and simple manis like this one. Hopefully I will post my next manicure for the challenge tomorrow and end this challenge soon. Last thing I want to post September challenge in November haha.
I used China Glaze Snow and Essence Chuck.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Empty #31

BaleaYoung Sweet Wonderland shower gel - somehow I had this in my empties even though I used it up long time ago. I remember I liked this chocolate scented product. This was limited edition and unfortunately Balea is not coming out with these any more.

Aveo Happy Melon shower gel - yet another Aveo shower gel in my empties, this one is nice and fruity.

Treacle Moon Lovely Mint Story and The Raspberry Kiss shower creams  - the fact that Treacle Moo n shower creams are in every single empty post shows how much I love them. Here I have one full size and mini size bottle. Lovely Mint Story is one that didn't impressed me. I don't like the is too, well - minty. This is my least favorite from all scents I tried. On the other hand The Raspberry Kiss is very nice.

Bettina Barty - Cocos & Limette bath and shower gel - I love this. Good quality shower gel and amazing scent.  I will repurchase this one.

Sun Dance sun protect cream SPF 50 - this is mostly used up by  my daughter but I also used it few times and it protects skin very good. With this I'm not afraid of sunburns for me or my kid.

Essence Urban Massages lipstick - this was one of my favorite casual, day lipsticks. Peachy glow was pretty every day look and on my lips it felt like lip balm. I don't use up lipstick very often but when I do you know I loved it.

p2 Sheer Glam Fame lipstick - another lipstick today. At one point this was my absolute favorite, I had it on my lips every single day. Lately, I was wearing it time to time. I got tired of it little bit but it is still very pretty every day color.

Look By Bipa face brush - I have this brush few years and I used it a lot. I applied blush with it and it was very good. Recently handler got broken and even though I can still use a brush I have so many in my stash that I can easily say goodbye to it. 

What is in your empties?

Thursday, October 6, 2016

September nail art challenge: Watermelon

September nail art challenge continues in October. This is my Watermelon mani, theme number 4. I love how this turned out, even though it would be easier and more precise if I had white nail polish with wider brush. But this was ok as well, very playful manicure.

I used: Essence Bella, China Glaze Snow, Catrice You Better Think Pink, Essence My Sparkling Acrobat

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Essence We Are Young lipstick

One of latest Essence trend editions is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I picked up one lipstick We Are Young. Surprisingly I didn't choose bright colors, I choose something little bit subtle. I have enough bright lipsticks in my stash, now I wanted everyday, casual color. We Are Young is exactly that.  This is meat pink lipstick and works perfectly for me last few weeks. 

Package is very girly and it is easy to store it. Application is easy, however I have a feeling that this lipstick could show any imperfections on your lips. For now it is all good because my lips are nice and smooth but I'm not sure how would it look on dry lips. If I apply We Are Young and there is just a little bit extra skin on my lips it  would show it. So, that could be a down side of this product but for now everything is good. Hopefully I will not change my mind during winter.

On pic above you can see my swatch. Very pretty, everyday pink. One of my favorites these days.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September nail art challenge: Tropical

Third theme for the nail art challenge is Tropical. With this mani it is so obvious that I'm so out of practice with nail art. However, here is what I did. I knew I want to draw palm tree on one nail for sure and I decided to draw palm leaves on other nails. They turn out really bad but I didn't want to remove it and try again. I went with pink and green, both look pretty tropical to me. I like how palm tree looks like but hopefully next mani will be better.

I used: Essence Herzl, Essence Bella, Essence Waking Up In Vegas and Golden Rose number 106

Saturday, September 24, 2016

September nail art challenge: Gold

Second task for September Challenge was Gold. Again, I only did accent nail but I love how this mani turned out. Catrice Bronze - Deco is a beauty and this challenge reminded me on this polish and I think I should use it often. I did accent nail with black striper and I added some star studs. Hopefully I will have more time for my next mani and I will have nail art on every nail but I love these simple manis as well.

I used: Catrice Bronze - Deco and  Golden Rose number 106

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September nail art challenge: Owls

I'm always looking for nail art challenges online, for some reason they are always hard to find. So when I found one yesterday I decided to do it. I'm little bit late but I'm gonna pretend that I found this on the beginning of September. Here is Instagram link for everyone who is interested in this challenge and you can look at some awesome manis. Also, this girl comes up with challenges often so I will keep my eye on it.
First theme was owls. Very simple. I already had nail polish on my nails and I just decided to draw owl on my accent nail since I wanted to start right away.

I used: Essence Queen Of My Cloud Castle, China Glaze Snow, Maybelline City Smoke and Essence My Sparkling Acrobat

Here are themes for the September Challenge:

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